18 Jul 2014

Advice for diabetic drivers

Driving is a complex activity which requires adequate vision,motor skill and proper judgement.It is required in day to day life.Diabetes can adversely affect driving by producing low blood glucose,decreased vision and neurological problems.

Following are the advice for diabetic drivers
1. Diabetic drivers should inform the licensing authority and motor insurer about the diabetes and its treatment.
2. If there is sudden deterioration in vision they should not drive.
3. Before starting journey they are advised to check the blood glucose (even before short journey) and in between long journey.
4. They should avoid alcohol.
5. Diabetic drivers should take frequent rests with snacks or meals.
6. For emergency use they are advised to keep fast and long acting carbohydrates in the vehicle.
7. All diabetic drivers should carry personal identification indicating that they are diabetic.
8. If they develop hypoglycemia they should stop driving ,switch off the engine and leave the driver seat for treatment.
9. They should not restart driving for 1 hour after  the blood glucose returned to normal level.

Reason for diabetic drivers to stop driving
1. Newly detected diabetic patients who are started on treatment particularly if on insulin shouldn't drive  unless they achieved diabetic control and proper vision.
2. If a diabetic patient develop recurrent severe daytime hypoglycemia.
3.If the diabetic patient has disabling unawareness of hypoglycemia.
4.Reduced vision in both eyes less than 6/12
5.Severe nervous system complication such as loss of pain and touch in limbs.
6.Severe peripheral blood vessel complication.
7. Lower limb amputation.

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