24 Aug 2014

HbA1c and its correlation with blood sugar level - An info for diabetes patients

HbA1c is used for assessment of long term glucose control.This lab test reveals average blood glucose level over the past 2 to 3 months.

Major use of HbA1c
1.Assessment of optimal glycemic control in a given patient.
2.Blood glucose control status in between checkups.

This is a quality control testing. Along with regular blood glucose testing it is also used to assess the success of present treatment and help to make necessary change in the treatment.

HbA1c results are expressed as a percentage. Normal value is 4% to 6%. 1% change in HbA1c represent 30 mg/dl change in mean blood glucose value.

HbA1c and blood glucose value correlation
HbA1c value(%)
Mean blood glucose
<7% Excellent control. Those who are on drugs and insulin should be aware of hypoglycemia
7%-8% Good control. Here the aim is to get a level <7% which indicate there should be attempt for further improvement.
>8% Poor control, indicate that diabetes is not well controlled.

Frequency of measurement of HbA1c
1.Those people who meet the treatment target it has to be measured once in 6 months
2.Those are not adequately  controlled once in 3months.
3.Special care is required in preconception care of women with diabetes initially monitor in once a month and once glucose level is controlled once in 6 to 8 weeks.This is important for maximum fertility and optimum fetal growth.

Need for strict control of diabetes
Those who have adequate control of HbA1c has lesser complication of diabetes such as
1. Eye problems
2. Kidney problems
3. Nerve related complications

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