18 Aug 2014

How will you identify that you have metabolic syndrome.

Identification of metabolic syndrome is important because it will help to predict the risk of future heart disease and diabetic risk. Worldwide more and more people are affected by this. This is due to change in lifestyle and food habits. Metabolic syndrome is highest among native Americans. It has got 5 components. Increased waist circumference is more in females where as fasting triglycerides and hypertension is more common in males.

Five components of metabolic syndrome are the following.
1.Central obesity(waist circumference)
2.Increased triglycerides
3.Low HDL cholesterol.
4.Diabetes mellitus

Risk factors of metabolic syndrome
1. Overweight and obesity
2. Aging
3. Heart disease
4. Diabetes mellitus
5. Sedentary lifestyle 
6. Lipodystrophy

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