2 Aug 2014

Significance of testing Hemoglobin in the blood

Hemoglobin is a protein in blood that help to carry oxygen to various body parts. Hemoglobin contain iron. There are a variety of conditions that is associated with alteration in hemoglobin level.When the blood hemoglobin  level is below the normal, that will lead to anemia. If the hemoglobin level is above the normal the condition is called polycythemia.

Normal hemoglobin levels are given below.
Normal level of hemoglobin in male and female vary.
Whole blood (Hb)
Male : 13.6g/dL to 17.5g/dL
Female : 12.0g/dL to15.5 g/dL (age dependent)
Be panic if hemoglobin is less than 7 g/dL ( Both male and female )
Measurement of hemoglobin is by spectrophotometry.

Conditions with increased hemoglobin  
1. Hemoconcentration (as in dehydration, burns, vomiting). 
2. Polycythemia
3. Extreme physical exercise.

Hemoglobin level low in: 
1. Iron deficiency
2. Thalassemia.
3. Vitamin B12 deficiency
4. Folate deficiency
5. Low thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism)
6. Anemia of chronic disease
7. Hemolytic anemia 
8. Acute hemorrhage

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