19 Oct 2014

How to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex ?

Even though there are different effective contraceptive methods 50% of birth occurring in United States are due to unintended pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is a major public health problem occurrence around 1 million unintended pregnancy each year ,this is very high compared to other developed nations. The term emergency contraception means the various methods used to prevent the pregnancy after unsafe sex.

After unprotected sex without regard to time of month there is about 8%chance of getting pregnant, this can be decreased to 2% by the use of pills.

Time - This tablets should be taken within 72 hour of unprotected sex.

Recommended tablets
  1. Ovral.    2 tablets 12 hours apart
  2. Lo/Ovral 4 tablets 12 hours apart
  3. Preven(50mg ethinyl estrdiol and 0.25mg levonorgestrel)
  4. levonorgestrel (0.75mg) 

The above drugs are available for women more than 17 yrs.
  1. Levonorgestrel containing tablets are associated with fewer side effects and are more effective than estrogen and progesterone containing tablets.
  2. Ulipristal acetate is also approved for avoiding pregnancy after unsafe sex.This tablet give protection up to 5 days.
  3. Intrauterine contraceptive device IUCD if used within 5 days also give protection from pregnancy.

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