1 Jan 2015

Beneficial effect of exercise in osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is characterized by low bone strength. This condition is more common in females after cessation of periods (postmenopausal). The disease is associated with increased risk of fracture in various sites of body.
The main aim of treatment is strengthening of bone and muscles, prevent fall and fracture. The beneficial effects of exercise in osteoporosis patients are discussed below.
Exercise in young individuals help to attain maximum bone mass and strength.In elderly weight bearing exercise help to prevent the bone loss, but it wont increase the bone mass. The benefits decreases if they stop excise. There will be better effects if the exercise is done for longer period. Exercise should be done at least 3 times a month.
Exercise also help to improve the following
The strength of nerves and muscles.
Improve the coordination.
Improve the balance 
Thus help to reduce the fall.
Various exercise programs for osteoporosis
Selection of exercise program depends on the  physical condition and preference of the patient.
1. Walking program
5. Use of gym equipment.
2. Dancing
3. Racquet sports.
4. Cross country skiing
If the patient cannot do the above mentioned ones swimming and water sports are advised, but this has low effect on bone. This will help to strengthen the muscles.

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