1 Jan 2015

Causes of low back pain and alarming features in lowback pain

Low back pain is a common compliant in the population. At one time or another many of us experience low back pain. It may persist for few days or last for few months. Common causes of low back pain vary according to age.

15 to 30 years
Poor posture
Disc prolapse
Ankylosing spondylitis
30 to 50 years
Poor posture
Degenerative disc disease
Disc prolapse
More than 50 years
Postural causes
Degenerative disc
Osteoporotic fracture
Multiple myeloma

Following are the dangerous features in low back pain
Less than 20 years and more than 55 years
Non mechanical pain
Chest pain
Past history of cancer
HIV infection
Patients on steroids
Weight loss
Weakness of legs
Structural deformities.

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