1 Jan 2015

Do you have acidity ? Omeprazole to reduce acidity.

Omeprazole Proton pump inhibitor is a common drug used for acidity and ulcer disease. Ulcer occur in that part of gut exposed to acid from stomach. Omeprazole inhibit the last stage of acid secretion. Depending upon the dose the strength of action vary. It can even completely stop the acid secretion from stomach. Omeprazole does not inhibit the mobility of stomach.
It is orally given and 50% is absorbed, excretion from the body is through  liver and kidney. No dose reduction is required in elderly and in renal impairment.
After intake, action start in 1 hour and reach maximum in 2 hours and last for 3 days.
Available as 10 mg and 20 mg capsules.Capsules should not be opened or chewed.It should be taken before meals.
Side effects
Side effects are minimal
Following side effects are seen in 3 to 5 percentage of people.
1. Nausea (a tendency to vomit)
2. Loose stool
3. Headache.
4. Abdominal pain.
5. Dizziness.
Rare side effects
1. Rash
2. Liver function changes.
3. Low blood count
4. On prolonged treatment atrophic gastritis occurs.
Precaution should be taken by patients who are on the following drug.
1. Diazepam
2. Phenytoin
3. Warfarin.
Uses of Omeprazole
1. Ulcer disease-it produce fast pain relief. Fast healing is seen  at dose 40 mg per day. Stomach ulcer require treatment for 4 to 8 weeks. But ulcer in the intestine need only 2 weeks.
2. Gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn) - 20 to 60 mg per day.
3. Zollinger Ellison syndrome-60 to 120 mg per day.

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