2 Jan 2015

Foods that keep you young

Most beautiful phase of human life is youth. While you are young you will have fit body beautiful skin, and a healthy mind. It is the most energetic phase of life. Even then we don't realize its significance and value. We rapidly loss this phase due to wrong diet and lifestyle. If you want to prolong this you should follow healthy food habits.

Experience the change, your food can cause magic. There are several foods that prevent ageing. To avoid fat accumulation eat low calorie foods. Do not eat up to a level that your stomach is completely filled.
1. Antioxidants - Food that contain antioxidants are the strongest anti ageing agents. Fruits that are dark colored and vegetables are rich in antioxidants. Consume vegetables and fruits of different color. Examples are apple, orange, papaya, beetroot, grapes, mango, capsicum. This food habit is called rainbow food.Weekly fruits and vegetables of 3 different colors are advised.
2. Vitamin C - Vitamin C rich foods help to prevent pigmentation of skin. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Drink lime juice daily. Eat a gooseberry daily.
3. Daily drink at least 8 glass of water. Body should be adequately hydrated.
4. Green tea - Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants. If you drink it daily, it will increase the antioxidants level in the blood. Green tea is more effective if it is mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice.
5. Garlic improve the immunity of the body. Can be consumed with or food or can be chewed.
6. Red wine helps to prevent ageing. It enhance the absorption of food. Daily consumption of grape wine 15 ml will give good result.
7.Include nuts(almond, cashew nut, ground nuts ) in daily menu. Consume one spoon (30 gm) of nuts daily. This will keep the skin tight by maintaining the collagen level.
8. Broccoli the magic food prevent ageing. This will give you good mood.
9. Wheatgerm in whole wheat Prevent ageing of skin.
10. As the salads and soups are poor in protein, to get adequate protein consume skimmed milk,low fat meat, soya beans and fish.
11. To protect your heart omega 3 fatty acids are essential. Include omega 3 rich foods mackerel, sardines and tuna twice weekly.
12. Avoid white poison that is sugar, trans fatty acid example vanaspathy, oily foods and sauce.

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