9 Jan 2015

Home Remedies - How to get pink beautiful lips by natural method ?

Pink and beautiful lips will make your smile pretty and attractive , that make your personality more impressive. Natural remedies give long lasting effect. It is without any side effects. If you wish to have pink and soft lips you can try these easily at home and they are cheap also.
Why lips need special care?
Lips are the only part of face that cant produce oil itself to moisturize it. So dryness and chapping occur easily and if you fail to treat it at right time it causes pigmentation and darkness. So you need to apply moisturizer and give special care to keep it pink and soft. Pink lips also is an indicator of good health. Here are the most effective ways to get pink soft lips.
Basic things you need are 
Exfoliation with lip scrubs make it soft
Exfoliation means removing dead cells from the lips that will make it soft and supple.It should be done at least 2 times a week.
How to do scrub
(a) Honey and  sugar lip scrub - Dip finger in a mixture made of one teaspoon of honey two teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of olive oil. Rub it on your lips in circular movements and leave it there for sometime then wipe off with damp cloth or cotton.
(b) Take a toothbrush with smooth bristle with a bit of toothpaste, remove the dead cells with gentle rubbing in circular movements on lip, and wash the lips.
Moisturization of the lips hydration external and internal 
Since lips cant produce oil itself it will become dry easily, dryness take away all its beauty. To avoid dryness you need to apply moisturizer. Dryness can lead to dark lips. Following are the best lip moisturizers. Well hydrated lip has juicy appearance,while dry lip appears dull.
(a) Apply glycerin on your lips before you go to bed at night. Glycerin help to keep the lip hydrated. It will prevent darkness.
(b) Adequately hydrate your body, drink 8-10 glass of water daily.
(c) Application of Vitamin E to the lip also keep it soft.
(d) Lip balm also help to maintain hydration. Avoid Petroleum containing Lip balms. It is better to use lip balm containing Natural Beeswax, Cadillac Wax, Almond Oil and Vitamin E,  glycerin.
Lightening agents-Remove the darkness and give pink colour to your lips.
(a) Lemon honey lip serum - Mix  equal amount of lemon juice and honey and coat it  on your lips, keep it for 1 hour and wipe off with soft wet cloth. Do it daily to remove the tan from lips. This lip serum can be kept in refrigerator and used for 1 week. 
(b) Take the slice of beetroot and rub gently on your lips.
(c) Almond oil application at bedtime lighten the lips.
(d) Cucumber juice if applied daily removes tan from your lips.
Protection from harmful things
(a) Avoid lip products that are cheap and allergic
(b) Avoid excessive sun exposure

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