1 Jan 2015

How to get glowing radiant skin with Honey

Glowing skin is a dream of every women and it is a sign of beauty. Honey is the delicious golden liquid that will help you to get a glowing awesome skin with minimum efforts. This is why it is a content of many skincare products.
Contents of Honey
A rich source of fructose and glucose. 
Essential vitamins. 
Honey can produce wonders to your skin why?
1. Moisturizing effect honey can absorb water from air and retain it in the skin layers so skin become soft and supple which help to give better appearance to dry skin.
2. Help to fight acne due to its antibacterial effect.
3. Honey is a great anti ageing that reduces the fine lines and age spots which give young and radiant  appearance to skin.
4. Honey protect skin from harmful UV rays.
5. Help the skin to rejuvenate.
6. It act as a facial cleanser, Honey can unplug the skin pores.
7. Because of the anti-inflammatory action it helps to treat sunburn.
8. Honey has skin lightening effect that help to reduce the skin pigmentation.
9. Honey reduces the scars.
Honey is cheap and easily available, preparation of honey mask doesn't require much time
Lemon honey facial mask for glowing youthful skin 
1 teaspoon honey.
1 teaspoon fuller’s earth (multanimitti).
1 teaspoon lemon juice.
Mix the above contents and make a paste apply it to the face wash after 20 minute with lukewarm water.
You will get glowing  radiant skin 

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