2 Jan 2015

How to make your Eyes most beautiful and attractive

The most beautiful part of our face is eyes, with make up you can make it more bigger and attractive and you need not spend much time for it, this will create wonder to your face.
For Eye make up you need the following.
1. Deep colors eyeshadow
2. Kajal
3. Brush 
4. Mascara 
5. Ice cubes 
6. Translucent powder
7. Rose-water
8. Cotton ball
9. Foundation / concealer

How to do it?
1. With ice cubes gently massage around the eyes - This will reduce the puffiness around the eyes and decrease the dark circles.
2. Dip the cotton ball in the rosewater, then clean the area around the eye. This removes dirt and gives a glow. 
3. Apply some moisturizer around the eye.
4. Apply the creamy concealer to area around the eye, the concealer should be one or two shade lighter than the skin tone. With fingertip or brush, gently blend it around the eye in circular movements.
5. If you apply some translucent powder on the top of concealer that will give smooth finish and help to keep the concealer for long time.
6. Apply eye shadow, better color are deep brown or burgundy. First apply the eye shadow on your eyelid then extend to the creases and outer part of creases. "V" area of the eye is covered with an eye shadow that is one shade darker. This will give you glamorous look. 
7. Line the upper eyelid with a black pencil or liquid eyeliner.
8. Use gel black eye shadow or kajal to line lower eyelid slightly extend the line upward.
9. Curl your eyelashes with eyelash curler.
10. Apply mascara on to  eyelashes to  thickens your eyelashes.

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