2 Jan 2015

Lower your cholesterol without drugs

Health problems due to high cholesterol is on rise due to change in lifestyle and food habit.
To lower your cholesterol the following measures are available 
Dietary changes
Regular exercise
Here are few tips that will help to lower your cholesterol without drugs.
1. Reduce the intake of fried food especially fried meat and fish.
2. Do not reuse the oil that is once used to fry the food.
3. Reduce the oil intake as far as possible.It is better to use olive oil or sunflower oil for cooking.
4. Vegetables and fruits contain large amount of dietary fibers, that will inhibit the cholesterol absorption.Increase the daily intake of vegetables and fruits.
5. Oats.barley,cashew nuts also help to lower cholesterol.
6. Daily intake of Green tea will help to control cholesterol.
7. Fish such as sardine contain omega three fattyacid which can lower the cholesterol level.
8. Eating curry leaves ,and garlic are also useful.

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