2 Jan 2015

Most effective ways to strengthen your bone

Osteoporosis is one of the most disabling problem in elderly, especially in females. In osteoporosis there is weakness of bone strength. Inorder to escape from osteoporosis you should take care of your bones from childhood itself. 
Following tips will help you to strengthen your bone.
1. Growing phase of bone is up to 21 years, you should consume foods with maximum calcium content this phase. Here are some foods that are rich in calcium.
(a) Milk and milk products.
(b) Green leafy vegetables.
(c) Foods with high vitamin C will help in calcium absorption.
(d) Orange.
(e) Gooseberry.
2. Consumption of foods that's rich in calcium is better than consuming calcium supplements, take calcium supplements if prescribed by doctor and ensure balanced diet.
3. For strong and healthy bones regular physical exercise is essential. Walking and swimming are best for bone strengthening.
4. Give more attention in bone strengthening from 30 years onward.
5. In females postmenopausal osteoporosis is common, estrogen replacement help to reduce it. Hormone replacement therapy contains phytoestrogen, which functions as estrogen in the body.
6. Reduce the salt intake, excessive salt causes weakening of bone strength.
7. Avoid excess sugar, carbonated drinks and coffee. The phosphoric acid in them cause loss of calcium through urine.
8. Avoid physical activities that create over burden to bones after 45 years.

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