1 Jan 2015

Need of patient education about osteoarthritis.

Helping the patient to understand about osteoarthritis is important. It is a progressive wear and tear disease of old age. Poor understanding of the disease will lead to negative attitude in patients. For example ignorance about the disease may lead to lack of activity which further aggravate the disease. Patient education is an essential component of  treatment due to the following reasons.
Psychological and social factors will alter the effect of disease, proper education of the patient regarding the disease and effect will reduce the pain, distress, disability and it will improve the treatment compliance.

To protect the affected joint from excessive loading
1. Reduce the weight.
2. Patient should consume low fat, carbohydrate rich low calorie food for weight reduction.
3. Avoid inappropriate daily and occupational activities example knee lifts.
4. Use walking sticks.
5. Wear shock absorbing footwear.
6. Correct the disparity in leg length with shoe rise.
7. Tubular loose knee support may reduce the pain.
8. Use wedge insoles.
9. Proper advice should be given to maintain the normal joint function.
10.Advice aerobic fitness such as walking and swimming to maintain the joint motion and stability.
11. Do muscle strengthening exercise.
12. Regular physical activity.
13. Avoid over activity on good days because that may increase the pain and reduction of activities on subsequent days.

Proper modification of work place and home activities are required.
Advice regarding sexual activities should be given to the patient and the partner with hip osteoarthritis.

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