2 Jan 2015

Why exercise is advised in diabetic patients

Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by elevated blood sugar value. Apart from that there is alterations in blood lipid value and blood pressure. In diabetic patients exercise will help to decrease the blood sugar and also increases the sensitivity to insulin.
Other positive effect of exercise in diabetic patients
1. Decrease the heart attack risk
2. Decrease the blood pressure.
3. Exercise will help to reduce the muscle mass.
4. Reduce the body fat.
5. Produce weight loss.
Recommend exercise in diabetes
Diabetic people are advised exercise 150 minutes/week that is distributed at least over 3 days, moderate aerobic physical activity and resistance training.
Precaution before starting exercise in diabetic patients.
Since  diabetic patients are at high risk for heart disease without pain exercise tolerance test may be done in the following situations.
1. Age  more than 35 yrs
2. Duration of diabetes more than 15 yrs in type 1 diabetes and more than 10 yrs in type 2 diabetes.
3. If the patient has complications of diabetes such as kidney disease ,eye disease
4. Blood vessel occlusion in limbs.
5. Other risk factors for heart disease.
Those patients who have proliferative diabetic retinopathy should avoid vigorous exercise because of the chance of bleeding in to eye. 

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