15 Mar 2015

Life style changes for psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease which produce plaque and scales on skin giving unhealthy appearance to your skin.But if you care about certain factors they will definitely help you to cope with disease and improve the quality of life.

If you are a psoriatic patient you should get educated about this disease, understand  as much as about the disease about its treatment options and various researches going on in this field.Strictly follow your doctors advise  regarding the treatment options and lifestyle changes. You can join the support groups in your locality or online to get help from from them.

There are certain triggers for psoriasis. A psoriatic patient should know which all factors aggrevate his or hers disease,identification of these factors are extremely helpful as avoidance of trigger help to keep your disease in a stable state preventing flares.Infections, skin injuries, smoking and stress are few examples of psoriatic triggers. All psoriatic patients should avoid alcohol as alcohol consumption is associated with reduced effectiveness of your drug.

Coping with this disease is a challenge especially it affect large areas of your body that is easily visible to others especially face and hands.There are certain lifestyle modifications for psoriasis which even though cannot cure psoriasis may help to improve the appearance  and feel of your damaged skin ,

Read the following measures which may work for you.
Importance of daily bath if you are  suffering from psoriasis your skin may contain scales which wont look healthy. If you take daily baths this helps to  remove scales and  also calm inflamed  part of skin.For better results you can add bath oil, colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts to  the water. You should avoid hot water baths and harsh soaps, both can  worsen  your symptoms and skin condition.For better results you can  use lukewarm water and mild soaps with  added oils and fats.

Use moisturizers they can help you to relieve discomfort and give healthy look to skin. For better results they are used , after bathing,while your skin is still moist .They act by preventing evaporation of water from your skin thus keeping the water content of skin.During cold season you have to repeat the application several times a day to get  good results.Use  either an ointment based moisturizer or oils if your skin is very dry.

Small amount of sunlight is shown to have beneficial effect on psoriatic skin lesions.But this should be done after discussing with your doctor .Because intense sun exposure is a trigger for your disease.While going out protect your skin with sunscreens that  has SPF of minimum 30. ,sometime you may need to apply it more frequently every 2 or 3 hourly if you are perspiring.Cover up the lesions with clothings especially when you are going out.

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