2 Sep 2015

Four golden rules for beautiful glowing skin

Glowing skin is the most important element that add beauty to your face. For this you need not try the costly cosmetics available in the market, instead you need to practice basic skin care.This article is aimed to give you basic idea about the skin care.

The four golden rules of skin care are 
1.Cleansing to be done daily
2.Toning to be done daily
3.Moisturising to be done daily
4.Face pack to be done once a week
Before trying these identify the type of your skin because the treatment varry depending on the type of skin.There are three basic type of skin.
1.Oily skin
2.Dry skin
3.Combination skin

First step of skin care is cleansing.Cleasing will help to remove sweat ,excessive oil and other impurities. It should be done in the morning before make up or before going to bed.For skin cleansing you can use face wash or cleansing milk.
For dry skin and combination skin use cleansing milk.
For oily skin use active cleansing gel.

Skin toning
For skin toning use toner or astringent
For dry skin and combination skin use toner
For oily skin use astringent
Astringent contain alcohol, which will make the skin dry, so better to avoid in dry skin.

Moisturising has different advantages.It help to retain watercontent in skin.Not only it prevent the waterloss but also absorbs water from atmosphere and from innerlayer of skin and keep the skin surface moist.Moisturising also protect your skin from sunlight and dust.
You should select the moisturizer based on the type of your skin.Most of moisturizer contain SPF (sun protection factor).these are more superior.Apply moisturizer all over your body immediately after bath.During day time use moisturizing body lotion.For night time application moisturizing cream with nourishing factors are ideal.

Face pack
Face pack to be used once in a week.Face pack is selected based on the type of your skin.To get an expert opinion about the tye of skin get the help of a beautician. After the age of 25 years it is better to do facial once a month.

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