3 Oct 2015

Use Olive oil to prevent skin ageing

Glowing beautiful skin is a dream of everyone.But as age advances skin will start showing the signs of ageing.To delay the skin ageing you should start caring the skin from young age.This will definitely prevent the skin ageing and help to get young energetic healthy appearance to your skin.
Anti ageing properties of olive oil is known from ancient days itself. The Romans and Egyptians used this for preventing skin ageing.
How olive oil helps in preventing skin ageing?
Olive oil is rich in four antioxidants they are 
Hydrophilic phenols
Vitamin A 
Vitamin E
Other important antioxidants in olive oil are squalene and oleic acid.
These antioxidants will fight with the free radicals and delay the skin ageing. Olive oil because of its regenerative power will help to keep your skin soft, smooth and it will act as a good toner of your skin.
Chief antoxidant in olive oil that prevent skin ageing is hydroxylyrosol.It will prevent cell degeneration and prevent cell ageing
Vitamin E will fight with antioxidants that are produced due to sun exposure.It will also improve the skin elasticity.Thus it can prevent the sagging of skin and skin becomes firm and attribute good glowing look to your skin.
Due to the presence of antioxidants olive oil act as cleanser ,moisturizer and skin protector.
How to apply olive oil?
Take desirable amount of olive oil, gently massage on your face and other body parts and keep it for sometime then wash with lukewarm water.

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