2 Aug 2014

Clinical manifestations of Ebola fever.

Ebola fever is caused by  Ebola virus.The disease is associated with high death rate.High death rate is due to multiple organ involvement. Epidemics usually starts with single case who acquire the disease from unknown reservoir in the nature. Infection spread through close contact with the patient or their body fluid this can be acquired from home or hospital.
Initial manifestations include
1. Sudden onset of headache.
2. Musle pain.  
3. Fever .
4. Severe tiredness.
5. Vomiting and tendency to vomit.
6. Rash.
Continued fever is associated with 
1. Diarrhea (can be severe).
2. Chest pain (accompanied by cough).
3. Depressed mentation.
4. Bleeding manifestations in the skin or oral cavity,need not be present in all severe cases .It is seen in less than 50% of cases.
5. Low blood pressure.
Following are the additional findings 
1. Edema of the face, neck, and/or scrotum.
2. Enlargement of liver. 
3. Flushing.
4. Conjunctival injection.
5. Pharyngitis.

After 10 to 12 days after the onset of fever there may be improvement and patient recover from the disease. Some people may get the fever after sometime.
Some rare complications are 
1. Late liver involvement.
2. Infection of eye(Uveitis)
3. Infection of testes (Orchitis).

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