2 Aug 2014

Treatment and prevention of Ebola fever.

Ebola fever is a dangerous viral fever associated with high death rate. Ebola is a viral disease caused by Ebola virus. Ebola affect multiple organs in the body, and may be associated with bleeding manifestation and low blood pressure which increase the death rate.

Prevention of Ebola fever
Prevention of Ebola fever is very important because no specific treatment is available for this disease.
Currently there is 
1. No vaccine 
2. No antiviral drug
3. Barrier nursing precautions in taken in African hospitals can significantly reduce the spread of Ebola virus from one person to other and can prevent epidemic.
4. An adenovirus - vectored Ebola glycoprotein gene is undergoing phase 1 trials in humans.
5. An experimental vaccine - vesicular stomatitis virus - based vaccine has protected macaques when it is given both before and after infection with the Zaire Ebola virus

Treatment of Ebola fever
For Ebola Virus Infections no virus specific treatment is available.
Usually what is given is supportive treatment, but sometime especially when the viral load is very high supportive treatment may not work well.

Animal studies shows improved survival in those treated with
1. Inhibitor of factor VIIa/tissue factor 
2. Activated protein C;. 
3. siRNA (small interfering RNA) interfere with viral multiplication is effective for prevention of disease after exposure to patient (post exposure prophylaxis)

Patients with low blood pressure vigorous treatment of shock is done with 
1. IV fluids.
2. Drugs to increase the blood pressure.
3. Those patients with significant blood loss require blood transfusion.

If the low blood pressure is not treated adequately the normal function of heart and lungs will be affected.
Ebola fever is treated with acetaminophen
Ensure adequate hydration is given to patients.

Useful Link : Clinical manifestations of Ebola fever.

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