11 Nov 2014

How to make your lips most beautiful.

One of the most important factor that determine the beauty of your face is beauty of lips. Application of lipstick alone won't make your lips beautiful. Lip makeup should be done with special care and special attention should be given for lip care otherwise you will loss the beauty of lips due to darkness and dryness. Following tips will help you to get beautiful lips.

For lip makeup you need the following .
Lip balm (Petroleum jelly).
Liquid lipstick with good glowing effect and moisturizing effect is now available so you need not buy lipstick and lip-gloss separate.

Casual makeup.
  • After washing your face make it dry, before starting facial makeup apply lip balm, so it will get absorbed.
  • Take a lip liner and start outlining from the central part of upper lip and extend to both side and then line the lower lip.
  • Those with thin lip should give outlining and for thick lips give inner lining. This will give perfect shape to your lip.
  • Shade of lip liner should be a shade darker than lipstick.
  • For people with fair complexion
    Peach,coral and pink colors are suitable.
  • For medium complexion
    Light brown,strawberry color,brickred are better.
  • For dark complexion
    Copper color,bronze color,ruby red color are preferred.
For party makeup
  • Do all above then take a brush and fill the lips inside the lining.
  • Finally apply lip gloss.
  • Shiny metallic lipgloss applied in the middle part of the lips give you a glamorous look this is used for bridal makeup and heavy party makeup.
Special precautions.
  1. Choose only branded products.
  2. Apply lipstick only after using lip balm.
  3. Before applying lipstick test for allergy.
  4. Lipgloss contains petroleum jelly so it wont make your lips dry.

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