16 Nov 2014

How will you detect obesity?

Obesity is a risk factor for many disease. Simply it means overweight. But there are special method to detect obesity. These measurements will give you an accurate level of overweight and risk of developing disease. It is a good practice to record the weight periodically. Comparison of the previous weight help to detect early weight gain.

1. B.M.I.(Body mass index) / Quetelet’s index.
Most commonly used method is BMI which is expressed as weight/height 2 (in kg/m2 ),weight measured in kilograms and height measured in meter (without shoes). This gives an objective method of patients weight and help the patient realize the need for weight reduction.It is independent of height.
2.Anthropometry (skinfold thickness),
3. Densitometry (underwater weighing),
4. CT or MRI,
5. Electrical impedance.

Classification of Weight Status and Risk of Disease
Obesity is defined as  BMI of 30kg/m2, that is  is 20% above the upper end of the acceptable range of weights for height. overweight”, indicate BMI range 25-29.9.

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