17 Nov 2014

Prevention of recurrent heart attack

Prevention of heart attack is very important because the chance of second attack is high in known heart patient. Repeated attacks are dangerous because it will increase the  risk of death in a given patient. The interesting factor is that the recurrent attack can be prevented with control of risk factors along with certain drugs. This will improve the long term survival.

Following are the measures to prevent recurrent heart attack
2.Control blood pressure
3.Control blood glucose
4.Regular exercise
5.Balanced diet
6.Control blood cholesterol
7.Stop smoking
8.Avoid excessive alcohol intake
9.Reduce mental and physical stress.

Drugs that will reduce recurrent heart attack
Antiplatelets such as Aspirin and Clopidogrel will produce a 25%reduction in recurrent attack and increase the survival.
ACE inhibitors and ARBS (Angiotensin II receptor antagonists) are also useful in prevention.
Beta blockers will reduce the heart rate and help to  improve the long term survival.
Regular exercise will help to reduce weight ,cholesterol ,control of hypertension and diabetes.
Diet should be low in fat and rich in calories.
Quitting of smoking is very important as it will help to increase the Oxygen supply to heart and decrease the atherosclerosis.

Note : In diabetic patients apart from control of blood glucose control of blood pressure to 120/80 mm of mercury and LDL cholesterol to less than 70mg /dl is advised. 

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