12 Nov 2014

Tips to keep your heart young and healthy

Here are few tips that will help to keep your heart healthy and young

1. Avoid fried foods.
2. Avoid fatty foods such as beef, pork and mutton.
3. Eat small fish such as sardine that is good for your heart.
4. Take un cooked vegetables daily such as cucumber ,carrot, tomato and onion.
5. Reduce salt intake.
6. Take high fiber diet including green leafy vegetables and legumes such as . Soybeans, fava beans, peas ....
7. Avoid egg yolk which has high cholesterol content.
8. Avoid eating fried foods and salty foods such as chips and corn while reading and watching television.
9. Better avoid milk and dairy products.
10. Avoid hotel foods and if inevitable take only vegetarian food.
11. It is better to prevent diabetes and if already present strict control is necessary.
12. Strict control of blood pressure is advised.
13. If possible avoid using lift and climb the staircase.
14. Better to walk small distances rather than using a vehicle.
15. If your work demands sitting for long hours better to take rest and walk in between.
16. Walk for 40 minutes daily.
17. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
18. Maintain body weight , weight should be in proportion to your height.
19. Better to go to bed early and wake up early in the morning.
21. Even if you have to do heavy work do it systematically and ensure adequate rest and enjoyment in between.
22. It is better to practice yoga and meditation.
23. For a happy family environment healthy sexual life is inevitable, avoid extramarital relationships which is a frequent source of mental stress and risk factor for heart disease.

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