31 Dec 2014

Attention to patients on valproate

Sodium valproate is a drug used for seizure. It is a broad spectrum drug for seizure. It is used since 1960.
Uses of valproate
1. Control of seizure
2. Treatment of psychiatric illness
Following are the adverse effect of valproate.
Loss of appetite
Ataxia and tremor
Alopecia (loss of hair)
Curling of hair
Increased blood ammonia
Low platelet count.
A serious but rare complication is severe liver damage. Those who have preexisting liver disease and who are on other drugs producing liver damage are at risk for valproate induced liver disease. If used in pregnancy it produce neurological disease in offspring. So it should be avoided.
Drug interactions
Special precaution should be taken in people on  the following drugs.
1. Phenytoin
2. Phenobarbitone
3. Carbamazepine 
4. Clonazepam.

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