14 Dec 2014

Common causes of foot pain

Foot pain  is a common complaint, it is important because it will interfere with mobility. There are a variety of causes for foot pain. Common  causes are given here.
1. Ankle or foot injury - It is very common after sudden twisting of ankle. This is associated with pain and swelling in the foot. Differentiation between ankle sprain and fracture is difficult.
2. Achilles tendinitis - Achilles tendon is situated in the back of ankle, inflammation may be associated with overuse or spondyloarthropathy.It present as painful swelling of tendon.
3. Rupture of Achilles tendon - There will be sudden pain in the back of ankle joint during activity,Patient walk with a limb.Patient cannot raise the heel from floor.
4. Plantar fasciitis - Present as pain under the foot, it is a common cause of foot pain. Patient experience maximum pain immediately after getting up from the bed. It usually resolves in 6 weeks.
5. Tender heel pad - Present as throbbing sensation in the foot. This is seen a few months after truma to heel.
6. Flat foot - Common in children,this can be painful or painless, treatment is required only if it produce pain.
7. High arched foot.
8. Forefoot pain - Is secondary to fracture, synovitis, or mechanical dysfunction.
9. Toe fracture - Due to fall of heavy weight object on the toe.
10. Arthritis of joints of foot.
11. Ingrowing of toe nail - As a  result of ill fitting shoes and poor nail cutting cause the nail to grow in to toe skin.
12. Hammer toe, clawing of toe or hallus valgus.

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