4 Dec 2014

Glow like sun with Galvanic spa - remove wrinkles,reduce ageing

Everybody like radiant glowing and fresh skin, which improve your confidence and give you an attractive personality. Spa beauty treatment will give your skin good glow and freshness. As age advances your skin start showing signs of aging, which can be treated with galvanic spa. Galvanic spa is the newest wonderful one in the spa beauty treatment and is done with galvanic machine. This article is aimed to give you information about  advantages ,method and precautions after galvanic spa.

Why Galvanic spa?
Following are the benefits of galvanic spa facial.
1. It improves skin complexion gives glow to your skin and make it baby soft.
2. Removes the wrinkles, tightens the skin and reduce the signs of ageing.
3. Removes impurities from skin thus cleanses exfoliates skin .
3. This fades away scars and wrinkles.
4. Massaging help to regain the muscle tone , improve the blood circulation nourishes the skin  and make the skin firm and tight. 
5. Can be done on any  part of the body face,hands and legs or bull body spa.
6. Its antibacterial cleansing action fights with acne and blemishes. 
7. Lightens dark under eye circles
8. It has anti-inflammatory action and helps in skin repair.

How it is done?
This  beauty treatment is done after assessing the skin type with skin tester.
.First, with cleanser skin is cleaned, for dry skin creamy cleanser is used. Apply galvanic gel to desired body part. With flat surface of galvanic machine massaging is given to skin for 5 minutes.

Galvanic gel 
The key ingredients in galvanic gel include:
1. Magnesium improve cellular energy
2. Arginine helps the recovery from daily stress
3. Aspartate balances pH of your skin
4. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which moisturizes skin.

Next step is to give cool compression to skin. While doing galvanic spa there is increased blood circulation which may appear as redness in face. Cool compression will prevent it. This is done with a cold mask, then galvanic pack is applied. Clean the face after 20 minutes and apply moisturizer. Usually one or two sitting in 15 days is required.

Precautions after galvanic spa
1. Reduce the sun exposure after galvanic spa, if going out use sun protection cream.
2. If exposed to sunlight after one hour of spa clean the face and use sun protection cream.
3. Avoid soap for 2 days after galvanic spa.

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