14 Dec 2014

Hot oil massage for hair fall

Thick beautiful shiny hair is a dream of every women. But hair loss is a cause of  headache to many of them. There are several methods to prevent hair loss. One of the most effective method is hot oil massage. Good massage with essential oils will help you to get thick beautiful hair. It is the first step to prevent hair fall.

How to do hot oil massage?
Hair oil that are effective are the following
Coconut oil - Prevent hair fall, strengthens your hair.
Almond oil - This is a source of vitamin E  which help to reduce hair fall, and promote hair growth and make it shiny.
Olive oil - Destroys the bacteria in the scalp reduce dandruff and promote hair growth.
Wheat germ oil.
Castor oil.
Amla oil.
Jojoba oil.
Mustard oil.
Lavender oil.
If you add a few drops of rosemary to your oil you will get faster and more effective results.

How often it is done?
Do this once or twice a week for better result.

Right way to do oil massage.
You will get maximum benefit if the oil massage is done in specific method.
1. Apply the oil   at least 1 to 2 hour before  washing your hair or for better result  apply the oil  overnight. 
2. Take lukewarm oil in your hand. Oil should not be very hot.
3. It should be applied on your scalp(not on the hair) with tip of your finger.
4. Do not apply over pressure, should be done gently with light pressure.

How does massaging help to prevent hair fall?
1. Massaging increases  the blood flow to the hair follicle, which gives nutrition to hair.
2. Strengthen your hair root.
3. Decrease the stress and gives relaxation.
4. Oil promote hair growth.
5. Oil reduces the damage to hair because of the lubricating effect.
6. Removes dandruff.

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