14 Dec 2014

How sports injuries are managed?

Sports injuries are so common nowadays. It may be in the form of injury to muscle, joints, ligaments and bones. Immediate attention is required for early recovery. Principles of  management of sports injuries are given here.
  • First aid - Here we assess whether the patient has breathing difficulty,or low blood pressure.
  • RICE (Rest,Ice,Compression,Elevation)
    (a) Rest - Relative rest of the injured part with activities to maintain the overall fitness.
    (b) Ice and analgesic - Done immediately after injury,ice is wrapped in a towel use for 10 minutes at a time.
    (c) Compression - Strapping or taping to prevent acute sprain.
    (d) Elevation of affected part  will help to reduce the swelling and edema.
  • Detailed examination and x-ray if required.
  • Early treatment as per the cause,should not be delayed.
  • Rehabilitation -include measures to regain fitness ,strength and flexibility.
  • Correction of cause of injury such as poor technique or equipment.
  • Team of sports physician,sports physiotherapists and coach  is essential in deciding most appropriate treatment.
  • Graded return to activity after discussion with coach.
  • Prevention of further injuries,this require suitable preparations and training .That is suitable footwear,safety equipment,warm up exercise.

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