2 Dec 2014

How to overcome tiredness

Increased tiredness is one of the most common health problem that is experienced by many people in their day to day life. Cause of tiredness vary. 

The most common causes are
1.Lifestyle changes.
2.Distressing hard work.
3.Competition and stress in the professional field.
4.Lack of sleep .

If you have excessive tiredness consult a doctor make sure that the tiredness is not due to any physical illness,then make some change in the lifestyle,that will help you to become energetic.

Here are few tips that will help you to become more energetic
1.Ensure adequate sleep,on an average 6 to 8 hours sleep is required.Both excessive and reduced sleep causes tiredness.
2.Eat food that is balanced and nutritious,it should contain adequate vegetables and fruits.Avoid fatty food and fried foods.
3.During menstruation,pregnancy and lactation special attention should be given.
4.Adequate water intake is necessary,during summer season drink 2 liter of water daily.Avoid carbonated drinks.
5.Regular exercise will make you energetic.
6.Reduce the time spent for for watching television and computer.
7.Avoid alcohol and smoking.
8.Control coffee intake,

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