21 Dec 2014

How will you care heart attack patient ?

Heart attack is a common problem in the community, but majority of the people don’t know what are the precautions we should take after a major heart attack. Understanding of which is very important because it will help us to avoid further attack, and improve the quality of life. Patients and their relatives should take special attention in understanding this aspect. Millions of people are living with heart disease,but it is not easy to live with heart attack.Following are the tip for caregivers and patients.

1.Healthy food - Patient should take a balanced food.Predominantly vegetarian food is preferred,food should be rich in antioxidants.
2.Exercise - Daily exercise will help to protect the heart,only safe exercise is advised.
3.Stop smoking and heavy alcohol intake.
4.Ensure adequate sleep.
5.Patient should not stop drugs without doctors advise.
6.Patients can  take part in cardiac rehabilitation program  after dicussing with the treating doctor.
7.Caregivers should understand the psychological ,cultural and spiritual aspect of health and disease.
8.Avoid mental and physical stress.
9.CPR - Cardio pulmonary resuscitation  is called as chain of survival,it is important that care givers should learn it for their loved one.

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