11 Dec 2014

Inhaler in the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Inhaler is the best way to prevent recurrent attack of asthma and to terminate the acute asthma attack. Inhaler deliver the precise amount of drug into the lung. The striking advantage of inhaler is that the maximum effect of drug is achieved by avoiding its side effects. Effect of drug is fully obtained, at the same time it is safe. It has rapid onset of action, acts within 1 minute.

Types of inhalers
They are mainly of 3 types
1. Spray or metered dose inhaler.
Medicine is delivered to lung in the sprayform. It is very effective and correct amount of drug is delivered even at single use hence called as metered dose inhaler.
2. Powder inhaler.
Drug is delivered in powder form.
3. Nebulizer 
They are used to terminate an acute severe asthmatic attack rapidly. Nebulizer can deliver large amount of drug  rapidly to the lung.

Drugs used in inhaler
They are of two types
1. Drugs that prevent asthma.
These drugs reduce the oedema in the airways and helps to open them, thus reduces recurrent attack of asthma. These drugs should be used for prolonged periods. These are steroid group of drugs.
2. Drugs that treat an acute attack of asthma.
They reduce oedema in the airways and rapidly open them thus terminate the acute attack, but they cannot prevent recurrent attack. Example include salbutamol group of drugs.

Tablets that contain both the above type of drugs are available they should be taken after doctors advice. Inhaler with baby masks are available for use in children.

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