7 Dec 2014

Look at your belly and assess the health risk

Abdominal (belly) obesity is a very common problem in males and females. Main cause of it is intake of fatty and sweet foods and lack of exercise. After 30 years abdominal obesity is very common in men. Obese person with increased abdominal circumference has high risk for disease than an obese person without increased abdominal circumference. It is not only the weight but also where it is concentrated is also important in assessment of disease risk.

Why it is important?
Abdominal obesity is considered to be one of the early indicator of heart attack and diabetes mellitus in the future.

How will you measure abdominal circumference?
Take a tape ,hold it at the level of umbilicus,then take the measurement circumferentially.

Abdominal circumference in males 
Below 94 cm -Healthy
94 to102 cm - Moderate risk
More than 102 cm - High risk

Abdominal circumference in females
Below 80 cm - Healthy
80 to 88 cm - Moderate risk
More than 88 cm  -High risk. 

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