29 Dec 2014

Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Goals of osteoarthritis treatment are the following
1. Control of pain.
2. Functional improvement.
3. Decrease the handicape due to osteoarthritis.
4. Improve the quality of life.
5. Educate the patient about the disease.
6. Decrease the drug related side effects.
Number of modalities are available to achieve these goals. The main problem of the patient is pain and physical handicap due to osteoarthritis. Cause and treatment of it require special attention.
Given below are the treatment modalities 
1. Counselling.
2. Patient education.
3. Physical therapy.
4. Occupational therapy.
5. Drugs.
6. Complementary medicine.
7. Surgery.
Reduction of pain  and stiffness of joint with following drugs
1. Analgesics.
2. Intermittent/regular analgesics (acetaminophen).
3. Topical NSAIDs.
4. Topical capsaicin.
5. Oral NSAIDs.
6. Oral glucosamine sulfate.
7. Peri- and intra-articular corticosteroid injection.
8. Hyaluronic acid injection.
9. TENS and nerve blocks for severe pain.
Reduction of the impact of pain and disability
Due to the pain and disability of osteoarthritis patients experience depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia. Treatment of these aspects is also advised
Modification of  patient environment to reduce handicap
Surgery is reserved for those patients with severe pain and disability.

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