14 Dec 2014

Use turmeric to get fair and beautiful skin

Natural treatment for skin gives long lasting effect, turmeric is a herb known as curcuma longa. It has many beauty benefits.
How turmeric will help you to get a fair beautiful skin?
1. Turmeric  lightens your facial hair.
2. Enhances your skin tone.
3. Turmeric has anti inflammatory action  that reduces skin pigmentation and tanning.
4. It has anti bacterial action so cure pimples and skin breakouts thus help you to get a glowing skin.
5. Turmeric can lighten stretch mark.
6. It has moisturizing effect that is good for dry skin.
7. It can reduce the wrinkles and fine lines.
8. Turmeric has exfoliating effect that remove dead cells and gives glow to skin.
9. Turmeric remove the facial hair.

How to make turmeric fairness face pack for oily skin?
Make a paste mixing the following.
1. ½ tablespoons of sandalwood powder (Act as astringent).
2. A pinch of ground turmeric (Controls the sebum oily substance in the face).
3. Tablespoons of orange juice (ource of vitamin C ,reduces blemishes).
Apply this paste on the face, wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

How to make turmeric fairness face pack for dry skin?
If you have dry skin make a face pack with
1. Egg white.
2. Drops of olive oil.
3. Fresh lemon juice.
4  Rose water.
5. A pinch of turmeric.
This is applied in the dry areas, allow to dry and wash with lukewarm water.

To reduce pigmentation.
1. Make a paste with turmeric powder and cucumber juice or lemon juice.
2. To use as body scrub make a paste with turmeric powder, gram flour, rose water. 

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