12 Dec 2014

Why obesity predispose to heart attack?

Obesity is an important risk factor for heart attack, because it contribute a number of other factors that predispose to heart attack. Obesity is measured in terms of BMI or body mass index. That is body weight divided by height squared. There are 3 levels of obesity.
1. Level 1 - More than 30
2. Level 2 - More than 34.9 less than 40
3. Level 3 - More than 40
Morbid  obesity means more than 50% of ideal body weight.
The risk of heart attack attributed to obesity is very high if the body mass index is more than 40.

Obesity is associated with 
1. Increased calories in the diet.
2. High fat intake.
3. High saturated fat intake.
4. Physical inactivity.

Heart attack risk factors that are influenced by obesity are given below.
1. Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.
2. Diabetes mellitus.
3. Hypertension.
4. Increased triglycerides.
5. Low HDL cholesterol.
6. Increased fibrinogen.
7. Increased C-reactive protein.
8. Alteration in blood vessel wall function leading to clot formation.

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