5 Apr 2015

Bittergourd juice for weightloss

Overweight is a pre runner of many disease, so everyone want to reduce body weight and desire is to achieve a slim and fit body.Many people wont get enough time to spend for weight reduction because of their busy schedule, this home made remedy for weight reduction does not need too much time.It is an healthy way to become slim and fit.It works from within your body.
It is a green vegetable which is also called as bitter melon.This is first cultivated in Amazon rain forest by the tribes, later in Asia, Southamerica, South Africa.This is used as food and has medicinal effect.

How bittergourd juice help to reduce weight?
1.Bittergourd help to reduce blood glucose.
2.Prevent extra sugar absorption.
3.Bittergourd has high fiber content that reduces the absorption of fat and sugar.
4.It has low carbohydrate and calorie content.

How to make bittergourd juice? 
Here are 2 recepies  
1.Take a bittergourd, peel off it with knife, thoroughly wash it under the running water.
2.Slice it into 2 pieces at its center,scoop out the seeds and white flesh.
3.Cut it into small pieces and soak it in a bowl full of water for half an hour.
4.Add half teaspoon lemon juice or salt into the bowl.
5.Put bittergourd pieces into the juicer, and take the juice
6.To overcome bitter taste you can use the following
    Lemon juice
    Apple juice 
    Honey and black pepper
7.With a strainer filter out the  vegetable pieces.
8.Refrigerate the juice for 1 or 2 hour. 
This healthy juice will help to remove some calories from your body and and help you to get slim and fit body.

Mixed vegetable and fruit juice containing bitter gourd
You need the following
1.Bitter gourd
2.Sticks of celery
4.2-3 apples
5.1 peeled lemon
Prepare bittergourd as mentioned above,then add all the vegetables and fruits.
You can add any vegetables and fruits of your choice.

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