28 Jul 2015

Foods that should be avoided by pregnant women to protect unborn baby

Pregnancy is the most special and  precious phase in every women life. Health of your baby is determined by the type of food you consume during pregnancy. All pregnant ladies should make a sense of what you can eat and what you should not eat during pregnancy.
Here I have listed few foods that all expectant mothers should avoid for the better health of their babies. Because certain foods are rich source of mercury and vitamin A which causes harmful effect on your baby. Certain other foods are well known to produce foodborne illness such as salmonellosis.
All expectant mothers should avoid the following foods to  protect your baby.
Fish with high mercury content
King mackerel, shark and swordfish 
These fishes are rich in mercury content high mercury content is harmful to the developing nervous system. FDA guidelines state that expectant mothers can eat up to 12 ounces (340 grams) of mercury contaminated fish per week, this  averages to about 2 seafood meals.
Food which are rich source of vitamin A
Liver, fish liver oil supplements ,high-dose multi-vitamin supplements and any supplement containing Vitamin A
During the early months of pregnancy high vitamin A content may produce birthdefect in baby. But the beta carotene rich foods which are converted to vitamin A in the body are safe during pregnancy.
Food unsafe due to food born illness
Certain cheese are not safe during pregnancy. They may be contaminated with listeria and consumption is associated with listeriosis. In pregnancy it can result in miscarriage, premature labor and severe illness.So do not consume any cheese that have “unpasteurized” label. Example is Feta cheese. Brie Cheese, Blue Cheese.Hard cheese are safe during pregnancy.
You can consume pasteurized cheese like mozzarella and cottage cheese
2. Unpasteurized Milk
Drinking raw milk is not advocated due to increased chance of food born illness like listeriosis.
3. Uncooked eggs
Uncooked egg consumption can result in salmonella infection ,which predispose to early labour and dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea.If you want to consume eggs cook it well.
4. Deli meats 
Avoid consuming deli meats if you are pregnant as it may result in listeriosis.
Caffeinated drinks
Better to avoid during pregnanacy as it can cross the placenta and affect your baby’s heart rate.

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